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4 weeks in

Well I’m not where I’d like to be but I’m down weight wise so all is good on that front.

So lets attack these numbers and drill down on a few things.

In total I’m 12lbs down, that’s 4lbs down on my 1st attempt at Herbalife so I’m definitely not happy with this, no excuses it’s simply not good enough.

BMI is down 2 which is good and needs to keep coming down. Body fat is down 3.5% which is ok but need to get this down much more.

Muscle mass was at 47.79%, it’s now 51.05%, an increase here is good but I now know after drowning myself in water this week that this needs to improve in a big way as I’m not able to improve my hydration without better muscle mass. I thought I’d trick my body into being better hydrated this week by having between 3 and 4 litres per day (which wasn’t easy) and it’s had no effect on my hydration and basically the reason for this is as above because you need to have a bigger percentage of muscle mass as muscle is made up of approx. 70% water, whereas body fat is approx. 10%, so I now have a new focus for the next few days and that is improve muscle mass.

When I’d gotten down to 193lbs last year my muscle mass was still only at 56% and hydration was only 42% so I’ve really got some work to do on improving muscle mass and sadly this will not happen over night so I need to be patient…really not my strong suit.

I’m the plus side, building muscle is going to be easier now, I’ve been given a contract at the gym to teach bootcamps and the major benefit of this is that I can use the gym for free, so you better believe I’m going to be building some serious muscle, I’m not a woman whose afraid of using weights, I actually love the way my shape starts to change when I train with heavy weights.

Something I’m happy with is my visceral fat this has gone from 12.78 to 11.06, I really this need to keep coming down so lots of low fat protein i.e. chicken/turkey. Going to change up the diet a little bit now I’m going to be back working out in a major way I need to fuel correctly.

After almost 3 weeks off from classes for my knee I got back to them last week and I actually think it’s done my knee some good, but I can’t take that long off of classes again it killed me to not be doing them, I get very addicted to exercise when I’m in that frame of mind and it ends up being a little bit of an obsession but hey there are worse obsessions right.

So all in all everything is going in the right direction but I need to focus more as my brain has really not been on the task at hand.

Wishing you all a great week. Oh and this one will be a short week, I’m going to weigh on Saturdays going forward as I want to finish my week on a high exercise wise and this means after Friday night Zumba. So in all honesty I’m not expecting a major loss in 4-5 days but so long as it’s down I’ll be happy.

Jojo xx


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