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3 weeks in

Well this is not the post I was hoping to have been posting today.

Ive undone the last week’s hard work putting on those 3lbs.

In very simple terms I lost the plot and my diet was, well non existent.

I received some news early last week that simply broke me, I had no desire to do anything really.

I will not let it get the better of me but it did temporarily put my brain in emotional freefall and this is not a good place to be.

I did also reconnect with a very special dear friend and that has been so amazing.

Ive also missed my best friend as she’s been away which she is never allowed to do again unless I’m going too hehe.

AND I’ve had 2 weeks off of classes due to my knee which I hate and refuse to let stop me anymore I’m back to it on Wednesday this week and I cannot wait.

Ive been working on choreography which also makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something so that’s a positive.


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