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Day 15 – Monday Means Results

So it’s been a fairly quiet couple of days and not too much to report, however keep reading to find out my results for the last week.

I had a quiet weekend which meant that I was able to keep everything low Calorie/Fat and Carb. Although I’ve really been craving the carbs this week which is never good for me…need to have some chips and just get it out of my system lol

Still suffering in terms of my knee and I find when walking uphill my Achilles in both feet are giving me grief which I’m not happy about (who would be, another new pain to contend with), but I live in hope that I’m strengthening it by walking and not pushing it. Trying to get a good 10/11k steps in a day at least and with the weather being so lovely right now it’s really easy to get out and about.

So as much as I want to write every day I fear I will get very dull, so here’s the plan, I will write to get a general update every couple of days and of course when something big happens (Monday’s will always be news day as it’s results day) so keep your eyes peeled, but I wont write every day.

Well now that’s all out of the way do you want some results?

So the only real thing to report this week is a 3lb weight loss so I’m down 11 1/2lbs in 2 weeks, which means I’m just 2 1/2lbs from that 1st stone so I need to work really hard this week.

So although I’ve worked quite hard to get my water up (3 days over 2ltrs) there was only a marginal increase on my hydration so I think I want to make water my focus this week, 1 1/2ltrs in the am and the same in the pm consistently should hopefully make a difference.

So everything that I want to go down, is going down it was just a very marginal drop, so I know this week I do need to focus, however with the lack of classes till the latter part of next week I know that my muscle mass will not be increasing just yet.

I feel like I’m going to relax a little today and have some kind of treat, hopefully as a little kick start but I will, for 90% of my day stick to my meal plan, I don’t plan on throwing a whole day away.

Take aways for the week, 3ltrs of water a day now (800mls down already), try to rely less on salt (my intake is way down from where it was before I started but, I admit I was adding it to some meals this week when I was struggling) and I want to try and get some core training in as I currently don’t have one.

Till the next post, have a fabulous week ahead.



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