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Day 9/10 – Whoops

Guess who forgot to post yesterday.

So this week is going well, I’ve stuck mostly to plan with a few more carbs this week so I know for a fact my loss will be smaller this week but I’m ok with it. Sometimes I have to admit that my body needs the extra carb injection as I can get very tired when I’m overweight.

Even though this week I’m actively doing less exercise (to protect my knee) but still getting my 11,000 steps in a day just trying not to push too hard.

I’m going to be teaching some bootcamps from mid April through the summer for a local gym which will be a nice little boost as I quite enjoy being mean, as my ladies will tell you hehehe. What can I say, drill sargent comes naturally to me.

Oh and in my declaration of full admission…I ate 4 chocolate bourbons last night, but I included them in my food log and it seemed that hitting 1400 calories per day is not so bad for me as the projected 5 week loss was bigger than the day before had been.

I have to say (aside from all the damn tourists lol) I’m really enjoying my walks around St James Park on my lunch break, it’s beautiful to see nature in the middle of a the big city, you can totally forget where you are especially first thing in the morning, and I’m currently in the middle of a work week challenge with a few of my friends on Fitbit, which is really spurring me on to get up and get moving in the middle of my day, just wish I had more time on my feet (the perils of working a sit down job). As it currently stands I’m in 2nd place which is just not acceptable for me hahahahaha.

On a more serious note I’m feeling a little of my positivity returning, I really feel like my mind reacts in a strong way when my diet is cleaner. I suffer from being a worrier and I often find that I create worries I don’t even need to and I over-analyse things and especially situations that I really just need to leave alone as they bring absolutely nothing good to my life.

I’m starting to realise more that, not only can I help myself, but when I’m feeling good and I’m feeling focused, I can help others and that is something that brings me great joy.

It’s been a good day, hope yours has been too.



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