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Day 8 – results from week 1


Can you see? I am over the moon with my 1st weeks results.

Weight down 8 1/2 lbs, bmi down 1, body fat down 2 1/2%, visceral fat down 1 and water/muscle both up which is fantastic news I honestly couldn’t be happier.

It was very much an up and down week for me both mentally and physically but after a good rest and a great result I’m really feeling like I can do this.

When you have a big success like this it really centres you and reminds you, that you are stronger than you realise, I have a great many weak moments in life and I often struggle to see the good, and looking forward to the future is massively difficult for me but right now I feel driven, I’ve proved to myself (again) that I can do this.

I’m lucky in that I have a spectacular support unit and they are constantly telling me that I can do it, they have so much faith and belief in me that it drives me even more.

I have a huge thank you to say to both my best friend and to my mentor because not only have they stepped up to help me when I needed it the most but they’ve also done it without judgement and with a tonne of support.

So I start this week focused and driven and also knowing that I need to have a short break from exercise (beyond walking), because after the amount of pain I was in on Friday I’ve realised that if I don’t take a little time off I’m going to make my knee and my feet so much worse and I love what I do so much that I’m no longer prepared to take the risk. Time to visit the doctors in order to confirm that there is nothing serious wrong (keep those fingers crossed), because I need to be able to squat properly again, my squat used to be awesome and it will be again hehe.

So with that said I want to wish you all a fantastic and productive week.



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