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Day 5 – First Real Fail

OMG…So I’ve had my first fail….I wasn’t prepared for my day going tits up and pear shaped Wednesday and it had a knock on effect on my diet yesterday, Let me take you through it.

So my colleague was leaving work and a lunch was planned to which I was going (1st fail in that I didn’t bring lunch in as I was going out…note to self always bring lunch in no matter what! it can always be used the following day), then I find out I wasn’t being paid for the week I’d worked at the new job which threw me back into financial panic (can I pay my bills? who knows) so I opted to not go for lunch and save some money and with the £4 I had in my purse I attempted to get lunch…I ended up with some wafer thin chicken (my usual snack), cucumber and hummus, not the best as the fat content of hummus is quite high, so that put me off having loads which meant, yup you guessed it I was hungry uggg. So my plan had been to go home and have some proper food before jetting off to he theatre but then I hit my next stumbling block.

TRAFFIC!!!!!!!!!!!! So after sitting in the same spot for 15 minutes and the only time the traffic ahead of me moved was when someone pulled out of it I realised I wasn’t going to get home and get to the theatre in time for the show, so not wanting to let my best friend down I decided to turn around and take myself directly to the theatre and thought I could pick something up there it’s a town after all. Well what I ended up with was some very stinky chicken but it tasted ok and some breaded chicken ball type things (I didn’t have a lot of options) so I ate half of each and went into the theatre feeling less hungry but completely unsatisfied which is where yesterday problems came from.

So I got up in the morning and had my shake but decided I didn’t want to take my various supplements (8 horse pills of goodness) so that in turn meant I didn’t have my morning glass of water, Then I missed the early train and ended up being 15 minutes late for work dammit (anyone who knows me knows I don’t do late), but by the time I got there after my walk I was utterly famished, so I had my snack bar thinking that would curb me but alas it did not and so 11.30 rolled around and already I was thinking I actually need food. So I hit up Tesco (the smallest Tesco ever I might add, it’s literally 1 aisle) and they had my go to “I need” food which means all bets are off, we’re in the good category of Nuts but I being me don’t go for the good ones that aren’t covered in salt and crap….no of course I go for the jumbo salted peanuts and before I know it I’ve paid and I’m walking and I’m back in my office and I’m a my desk and I’m eating and eating and EATING omg I just can’t stop, till I realise I’m half a bag down and this is no small bag.

So now I sit there thinking about all the other goodies I can have….but I know I can’t so what do I do, I begin to write and what comes out is this diatribe to you guys which is my confession, I figure if I shame myself this might be my only slip (ok I know this is reaching), so I need to do something to combat the situation….so I plan to make it to a class (will tell you later if I got there). Then the thought comes in ok I get into the station at 6 (so long as they are on time), if I’m lucky I’ll be home by 6.30 which gives me a grand total of 15 minutes before I have to turn around and come back to basically the same place I’ve just come from and damn if I’d only got my kit on me I would have just waiting it out, hell I’d have gotten even more exercise in whilst waiting but nooooo I was lazy.

I hate being lazy and sometimes it just takes me, I’m still getting used to being back in the working world and travelling into London everyday, plus trying to exercise and eat healthily I can hand on heart and say that yesterday it killed me but you know what it also showed me that I really REALLY need to get up on my planning and really focus because I wont let anything drag me from this goal, I need to be the best version of me.

AND I made it to my class last night so I at least undid a lil of my peanut damage whoop, and even better I got to enjoy about 20 minutes at home because for some unknown reason the traffic was almost non existent for once.

Today’s lesson we are all human just don’t let 1 fail bring you down



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