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Day 2

So here is a big positive to start the day…the picture attached to today’s post is what myfitnesspal says I could weigh in 5 weeks if I carried on the way I’m going which is of course only a guide but would be pretty epic if I could.

However truth be told I believe that I was too low on calories yesterday, I did about 80 mins of exercise on 750 calories which burned me out completely and I had to go home and eat but I made good choices so that’s a big plus.

This morning I’m feeling good and ready to go on with day 2, after a really nice 1st day of trying to figure out the maze that is my office I think I will enjoy working here but I guess only time will tell for sure. I hope so because I need a calm consistent work home after the last few years.

Yesterday was the day a good stuff for me, not only did I start the job and get back on plan but I also fully passed my exercise to music qualification which is a huge thing for me now on to the next course.



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