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The Action Phase Has Begun…

Wow so the big day has begun. Everything changes today….my new job and my new attitude.

I’m actually looking forward to sharing this journey with you although honestly not the photos just yet lol…take today’s picture yes that was me this morning all 249.83 lbs of me and yuck is all I can say….I have a mum tum which wouldn’t be so bad if I was a mum but it’s ok the changes have already begun.

So in the spirit of total disclosure you are getting everything so here goes with the stats

BMI 40.63%, Body Fat 49.7%, Water 36.69%, Muscle Mass 119.31lbs, Visceral Fat 12.78 and Metabolic Age is 48 years I’ll explain these all later in the post.

And measurements

Bust 47″, Waist 42.5″, Gut 47″, Hips 51″, R Thigh 30″ and L Thigh 30″.

Ok now that’s out of the way all I can say is wow basically all that above means I’m in trouble as it currently stands so let me explain a little deeper for those of you that don’t understand the stats.

The worst for me is the Visceral Fat the safe zone is under 12 but where a woman wants to be is under 3 and men under 5 so I have a long way to go, and why this is scary is because these are the dangerous fats that build up around your vital organs and make them susceptible to various disease such as heart disease and high cholesterol so this is one to watch VERY carefully.

BMI is another worry in basic terms over 35 means I’m morbidly obese for a woman I need to be looking at being under 25 for men it’s 18…the reason for this is that women actually need more fat in their bodies.

Body fat % should not be anywhere close to 50% more like 20% depending on just how lean you want to be.

Muscle Mass is the one measurement we want to go up so I’m hoping for an increase in this one next week.

Once per week…that’s when you should weigh, don’t jump on the scales earlier just be patient and see the results of your hard work.

My last statement is to ensure you are eating enough, as I write this I know I’ve not eaten enough for the day and need to get my protein in take up.

Here’s to tomorrow



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