Health and Fitness

The Preparation Phase

So Saturday is food preparation day in my house and this people is my (yes you guessed it) Preparation Phase….

My biggest tip is go for colour as you’ll see from my pic I have some nice bright colours and I have a whole pot of bright green broccoli to go with my chicken or my chili.

I’ve also been preparing today for this first attempt at filming my “Body Jam” submission which is completely freaking me out for some reason, I have an hours worth of great choreography that I actually know but have to teach….eeek.

I also made a big change today…I got my hair cut decided to brave being a model and it actually came out pretty well….if you are lucky I might unveil this tomorrow when I actually have some make up on hahaha.

Anyway getting back to food prep, if you fail to prepare, you prepare yourself to fail (sorry, yes I am that annoying person) but if you want you be successful with long term weight loss then get ahead of the game and prepare your meals in advance, all the cool kids are doing it…you can’t sneeze on instagram without coming across 465 food prep pics or at least I can’t, but that’s probably my obsession with following all the fitness pages but they can be pretty inspirational…or educational at least.

I’ve found that when trying to focus on being healthy planning in advance really helps me to stay on plan…also hiding my debit card helps hahaha, but seriously you need to plan to “eat ” up to 6 times per day in order to keep your metabolism moving, and by eat I mean 5-6 small meals of between 200 and 500 calories each.

Eating healthy means different things for different people so no 1 method is going to work for everyone but this one sure works for me (remembering the 4st weight loss that happened in just 6 months).

Typical day:

Breakfast is a shake with skimmed milk

Mid morning snack is a protein bar

Lunch is another shake with skimmed milk

Afternoon snack is 50g of water thing turkey and some hard boiled egg whites

Dinner is lean meat with lots of veggies

Sometimes I’ll have another snack in the evening that is protein based but only if I need something extra. I may also switch up my meals depending on the day and what I’m doing exercise wise.

Now when I’m starting off I tend to be quite strict and restrict my carbs to veggies and will introduce complex carbs only once I’ve shifted a decent amount of weight normally a stone…but I stress this is what works for me and not a guide for everyone you have to find what works for you.

So I could talk food all day but that will just get dull so I will sign off wishing you all a weekend of planning…(just kidding) enjoy your weekend everyone and I’ll see you for tomorrow’s update.


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