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The Contemplation Phase

Why are you reading this?….I’ll tell you why because you are also most likely in “the Contemplation Phase”

Let me start with a little insight into me, I’m Jodie Law a 33 year old woman from London, England. Like many women I have spent much of my adult life yo-yo dieting (and some of my childhood) and the highs and lows that come with it are, to say the least soul destroying.

I was lucky enough towards the end of 2015 to find a product that actually worked for me (will let you in on that a little later), it gave me a tonne of energy, made me positive, worked wonders for my depression and of course (otherwise why would I be telling you this) I lost weight. I focused and let me tell those skeptics out there I ate, I just made much better choices about what I ate and I slipped like any normal human being (hello my name is Jodie and I love FOOD!!!hehe) but in the most part it was easy simply because of how good it made me feel.

This product made me feel so good that I started showing out in my fitness classes and was spotted by the most fabulous teacher who is now my friend, Yvonne, who pulled me up to dance with her (I might add that this is regular thing for her and everyone in her class knows if they have flair then she’s going to get them up at some point). But after the class we spoke and it turns out we had a friend in common and Yvonne was actually coming to teach at our charity fitness class in a few weeks time. So Yvonne planted a seed with me very quickly about teaching with her on a regular basis and I got the bug, Oh man did I get the bug so much so that one afternoon I randomly booked my Level 2 Exercise to Music Course so that I could become a teacher.

So at this point I was attending maybe 10-15 classes per week and was getting my fitness levels up and I was losing weight and at the end of March 2016 I’d dropped 3 dress sizes and over 4st and I felt fantastic, so fantastic in fact that I went and got myself a boyfriend, he was a sweetheart but boy did he take my focus away. As an adult I decided to do the right thing and have a contraceptive implant fitted, due to health concerns it was one of only a few options I had, now this as you’ll find out was the worst thing I could have done for myself.

So in April I had all but totally forgotten my plan and had relaxed back into “normal” eating patterns (which for me was no good thing) but thankfully I was still keeping up my fitness as my course was fast approaching, 4 full on days of exercise and learning was a killer I kid you not, but having co-taught for several months and a performance background to boot, I was ready to go and get qualified and you know what?…that’s exactly what I did, I passed my practical exam straight off (paperwork took me a whole heap longer but that’s me not being in anyway academic).

So while this was going on my relationship was deteriorating, we hardly saw each other and when we did I was the only one putting in any effort which was infuriating but it happens right when things are right you drift, and whilst this drifting was going on I realised that the weight had started to creep on, not heaps of weight but few lbs steadily, but in addition to this my mood was changing, I’d gone from a really happy motivated person to someone who was down and depressed, I took a job so that I was working (Got to see my best friend every day…can’t be bad right?…wrong), it turns out the seeing my best friend and a couple of lovely people were the only good things about my job and each and everyday tore away at my soul.

I spent my days printing, getting coffee, lunch and filling up the bosses car…for an EA with over 10 years experience this was like I’d taken 15 steps backwards to simply earn money, now I hear many people say a job is a job and you should be happy you are being paid to do very little, but for a person who actually likes to work this is not acceptable for me, I was bored and I was miserable so what did I do, yes you guessed it I ate and I drunk, Tea with 4 sugars 5-6 times a day and lots and lots of coke so as it turns out I was consuming around 90 grams of sugar a day alone, that doesn’t include all the other crap I was shoveling in to try and relieve my mood which we all know only makes your mood worse.

By the end of July I’d finally worked out that my implant was actually making me suicidal, my depression was going off the charts and saw no way out, thankfully I looked into the implant some more and saw side effects I’d not paid attention to before, mood swings, depression, weight gain, OMG everything I didn’t want, I was losing the plot and seriously threatened to cut the damn implant out myself if they didn’t get it out of my arm. In august the thing finally came out but I will tell you now the effects are long lasting, my mood swings eased but were certainly still what I’d consider to be bad and the depression lingers on, the feeling that I was failing at life continued and the job ensured I was so miserable that I continued to eat, fast forward to January 2017 and I’d put on 4st 3lbs of the 4st 2lbs I’d lost…yes you read that right, I added an extra pound to what was already my biggest ever weight of 250lbs when I’d started 14 months earlier, so the picture you see with this post shows pre weight loss, post weight lost and post weight gain, a sickening total 360 in 14 months.

I dread to think of the damage it’s done to my health, I’ve messed up my knee continuing to teach whilst gaining weight which has slowed me down but will not, I repeat WILL NOT stop me.

So where am I now…you guessed it the contemplation phase, this is something I’ve learned today as I’m now training to be a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, essentially it means that i’m now seriously contemplating starting again, it’s followed by my Preparation phase which will take place this weekend and then the Action phase will begin on Monday 27th March, yes this is me proclaiming this to the world, I have 6 weeks until my fitness instructor course and I need to lose this spare tyre that’s handing around my belly and get back into all those fabulous clothes I have waiting for me but most of all I want to feel better in myself, after several months I can now officially say that I start my new role on Monday 27th March 2017 and I am thrilled, it’s my new start and I’m taking you along for the ride.

I will share with you my highs and my lows as well as my success and my failure, I want to inspire you to know that it is ok to fall down so long as you learn to pick yourself up.

So I sign off today wishing you a wonderful journey and I look forward to you joining me on mine It’s a long road ahead.

Jodie xx


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